Latest Enhancements to Bestosys

Yes, now you can let your patients access their information (profile, medical history, appointments, treatments, prescriptions, photos/x-rays etc.,) from their mobile. Patients can also refer a friend, share clinic information with their friends on WhatsApp, and send feedback to you. If feedback is positive, you may choose to publish it on your Facebook page automatically with just a click!
In line with our commitment to comply with applicable law, prescription print now includes pharmacy information at bottom. This is required by MCI rules.
Patients can enter testimonials for you from patient portal. When they do that, you can see the testimonial and okay it. Once you okay, the testimonial will automatically start showing up on your clinic's Facebook page
Now you can let patients request an appointment from your clinic's Facebook page, website or the patient portal. An existing or new patient can specify the desired time. These requests will show on calendar left panel till someone acts on them and confirms the appointment. In this case, patient will not see your available time slots.
As you add new clinics, add them with desired plan. Give access to each doctor/staff to whichever clinics they need access to. Now you can not only manage patients, appointments, treatments, inventory etc., for each clinic individually but can also record inter-clinic activity. Owners can see financials for all clinics.
Now save time on writing prescriptions! For each treatment, specify the drugs you usually prescribe. When you save a treatment, you will be prompted to add those prescriptions. One click will do the desired.
Now you can let patients request an appointment from your clinic's Facebook page, website or the patient portal. An existing or new patient can specify the desired time. These requests will show on calendar left panel till someone acts on them and confirms the appointment. In this case, patient will not see your available time slots.
When you open an images page, thumbnails are quickly shown to get you started in a jiffy! When you wish to see an image in its full size, only then you click on it to view in full detail.
Print selected images in a choice of layouts. Exercise full control by using drag-drop.
Track each patient referred to you by other doctors and each patient referred by you to other doctors/labs.
Manage the progress of your Orthodontics patients in a systematic and visually insightful way. Right from the initial Clinical Examination to treatmenst plans to consent form, Bestosys Orthodontics lets you capture information quickly and view it insighfully. View your 3D images too.
Now make corrections to a treatment even after it's billed. If the treatment amount or discounts are corrected, the invoice is updated automatically.
Now select multiple teeth numbers for each clinical note and treatment plan/done. Do it conveniently on a graphic selector. What's more, the units for treatment are increased based on number of teeth you select.
Each time you send an ad-hoc SMS to your patients, you can now save that text as a template and can use it next time. A big timesaver!
Now you can specify discount percentages for each patient group. For Example, you can make groups like 'Ten', 'Twenty', or 'Friends' and specify discount of 10%, 20%, 25% etc., and add desired patients to a group. When entering treatments for those patients, the applicable discounts will be automatically applied. Further, you can specify whether this discount should be applicable when a consultant is doing cases or when the treatment has lab work associated. This helps you standardize the discount structure so your front office doesn't need to keep asking you. Combine the power of this with multiple rate cards and the possibilities are just great!
Now you can add attachments to emails sent to patients. The attachment can be an existing image/document in patient records or it can be any file from your PC. You can add attachments to bulk emails too.
There are times when things get delayed and next patient has to wait for long. An apology message to those patients would help.
New patients can now be greeted with a welcome message on their first visit. Yet another small way to make your patients feel nice.
Restorative Charting can now be printed, along with the accompanying treatment plan. This will look fantastic on a color printer. In chrome, you can also save as PDF.
Prescriptions given on a day can now be emailed. The email includes full prescription with instructions too. Instructions written in any Indian languages will be delivered as it is. You can also exclude drugs from being emailed.
Visit Bestosys For Doctors or Bestosys For Dentists Click on “Launch App” button. This will start Bestosys and show its icon on task bar. Right-click on the icon and click on “Pin this program to task bar”. This will make Bestosys available at one click.
On Patient page, click on the Facebook icon. On the popup window that opens, select the social media channel and click on send. The patient will receive an SMS with link to your clinic page. Assuming you send this to patients who aren’t unhappy with the treatment, they wouldn’t mind tapping on the link and tap on Like or 5-stars. And that immediately gets known to all friends of that patient! Extremely powerful way to spread the good word-of-mouth in no time!
For those who like to provide online appointment booking facility to their patients, the smart way is to do it on your own clinic’s Facebook page. Yes, we can add a ‘Request Appointment’ tab on your Facebook page and your patients can book appointments. Such appointments will automatically show up on your Bestosys Calendar. This strategy ensures that your patients don’t get exposed to your competition which happens on 3rd party appointment sites. Instead, you can showcase good things about your practice to your patients and build your brand. Just create a Facebook page for your clinic and create a support ticket asking to enable this.
Bestosys supports हिन्दी, ગુજરાતી, मराठी, తెలుగు, தமிழ், മലയാളം, ಕನ್ನಡ, বাঙালি, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, اردو in SMS & Prescription Instructions. To use this feature, download and install Google input tools for your favourite languages from On patient page, click on the “+” button next to SMS. A new SMS window opens up. Click inside the text area. Now change the language at the right corner of your task bar. Start typing the SMS in your favourite language! Similarly, you can type prescription instructions in your favourite language (on settings page or on patient page itself). Prescription SMS will also be sent in the same language. Once finished, do change the language back to English!
Now two categories of SMS have been moved to transactional* category. a) Festival Greetings, Women’s day/independence day/republic day greetings b) Invites to Like/Rate your Social Media pages * these SMSes are delivered even to numbers which have registered DND with TRAI.
It’s an age of marketing and proper packaging makes a big difference. You can apply it in your practice by making treatment packages like “Basic Check Up” which includes Consultation and a few procedures/examinations/tests, or “Premium Checkup” which includes more detailed services. Bestosys lets you define packages in any combination of treatments and you can use them readily on patient page. On settings page, you’ll need to specify the charges for each treatment. But this breakup is not shown anywhere. It’s used for analytics and doctor’s remuneration etc., Patient sees only the total package amount.
Now directly create treatment plan for a restorative charting you have saved. For every treatment you select in the charting, the plan will give you option to select the specific option. For example, if you picked the ‘Crown’ icon for a teeth, the treatment drop down will show you all Crown related treatments.
Whether you print prescriptions on plain paper or on your letterhead, you will notice the sheer beauty of layout and function. Feel the happiness each time you hand a prescription to your patient.
Whether you pay your doctors/consultants based on the treatments they do or you simply want to know how much ‘worth’ work they have done in a month, you’ll love this feature. In Settings > Doctor Remuneration, specify the doctor remuneration for each treatment for each doctor. For packages, the treatment rates are usually lower and you’ll need to specify doctor remuneration too separately. You may specify remuneration as a fixed amount or as a percentage of net charges to patient. Once you set these up, Bestosys begins to keep track of doctor remuneration and you can run reports to see the amounts. Thereafter, it’s up to you to make the payments to doctors and record in the system.
You often prescribe multiple drugs for certain treatments. Till now, you had to keep selecting those one by one. Now you can create templates of commonly used sets (on Settings page) and then directly use that template when prescribing on the patient page.
The printing icons for Prescription, treatment plans, bills/receipts now give you option to print on either plain paper or pre-printed letterheads. When printing on letterheads, print one prescription and verify if top margins & left margins are correct. You can increase/decrease these on Settings page. Also, if you have decided to print everything on plain paper only or on letterhead only, you can set that as well in settings. Then, Bestosys will show only one printing icon as selected by you, so front-office has no room to make a mistake!
Normally, all prescriptions for a day are printed when you click on print icon for that day. However, if you wish to exclude certain drugs while printing, just click on the small ‘x’ after the drug name. It becomes Red and will be excluded from printing. Note that the prescription is NOT deleted. It’s just excluded from printing at that time.
This is like the ‘Body color bumpers’ option in cars! Yes, you can pick a favourite color and you’ll see lot of things in Bestosys in that color. The color shouldn’t be too light – should be dark enough on which white text is clearly readable.
If you have visiting consultants for certain treatments, just mark them as consultants on Settings page > Clinic (under Doctors & Staff section). When such doctors login, they’ll see ONLY those patients with whom they have appointment and that too just the clinical info. No financial information is visible.
Ad-hoc SMS that you send to your patients/doctors/vendors go under Promotional category and are not delivered to numbers which have registered DND with TRAI. In order to avoid wastage of such SMSes, Bestosys indicates the status of each mobile number – a Red circle means a DND registered number.
You don’t have internet connectivity and want to add an appointment or receive payment or make payment. Now you can do these on mobile app. Once connectivity is back, the app will update these on server.
You are away from clinic and you want to know collection for the day or for any previous day. From Android menu, select Collection Report.